As a non-profit organization, PERIFÉRNE CENTRÁ is looking for alternative ways of self support and what could be better than offer the products that Dúbravica proudly has? Mind in consideration that this goods are subject to be available depending on season. Also, since we want to keep the prices low, the offer is only limited to Slovakia and more specifically, to the Banská Bystrica region. For more info, don’t hesitate to drop us a line ( or call to 0907842091.



RASPBERRY JAM – 5 (370 ml) and 3 € (212 ml)

Freshly picked raspberries from the forest around Dúbravica. This would make a high valued present for your friends or for yourself. A very healthy alternative to all the products you can find in the market.





HONEY WITH NUTS – 5 € Delicious Honey jar gift from Dúbravica’s honey producers that is mixed with Almonds, Cashews, Sunflower seeds and Hazelnuts. It’s the perfect complement for a healthy breakfast or a great ice cream.

Jar with 370 ml.






Set of 5 POSTCARDS – 2 €

Chose the ones you prefer the most. Make your own combination of postcards with Periférne Centrá’s activities and surprise your relatives and friends with an alternative view from the Slovak cultural scene.






Objekt ako hmota na tvarovanie CATALOG – 3 €

Check this compilation of activities made entirely in and for Dúbravica. This is were all began. The catalog is produced in coordination with ARTTODAY and the Slovak Ministry of Culture. With texts by Andrej Poliak and Carlos Carmonamedina.

40 pages.


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