International Cooperation

Venkovské ráje? — Rural Paradises?

On last weekend, we where invited by the Czech organization Yo-yo to attend a series of conferences regarding the cultural work in the villages. The event had place in an old cowhouse (Kravin) in Hranice u Malče, in center Czech Republic. On this interchange of experiences, many regional organizations exposed their projects in a great networking atmosphere. On words of the organizers,

Let’s have a look, what has happened with the old agricultural estates, former industrial zones, cinemas, cultural centres, barracks, farads/parishes, secularized churches. What sense and meaning did the rural art groups have in the past, and how they define their role nowadays? What are the new themes developed outside of the established centers of art? And why should the rural space be a good place for art anyway?

The weekend was enlivened with a long walk to the nearest village and members of Periférne Centrá were asked to produce a couple of Land art pieces that we reproduce here. The documentation of the event (including video, pictures and sound) can be found here.


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